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Dublin City Guide

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The first time I came to Dublin was 8 years ago. I was studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain and came for a few days to visit a friend who was doing an internship here. Dublin is a unique city in that it still has a cosy, small town feel. There’s a great vibe and loads to do and places to eat/drink however you don’t get that overwhelming feeling like you do in a massive city like New York. It’s one of those places you can come back to over and over. You quickly become comfortable with the layout but constantly find new things to explore. 
Whether you have 24 hours or a few days to explore the cobblestone streets, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. 

Favorite Activities:

Guiness Storehouse - I really cant recommend the Guiness tour enough. We first went a few years ago the day after St. Patrick’s Day. The vibe was fantastic and it was a great way to stretch out the celebrations. Even if it’s not the green holiday, it’s worth checking out. The Storehouse has seven floors teaching out about where the beer originates from, how it’s made, the funny advertisements and more. At the very top you’re blank with a 360 degree view of Dublin and a pint of the black stuff.

Kilmeanham Goal - This is the jail that held the leaders of the Irish rebellion before the 1916 revolution. Their murders here in this prison was a major turning point in Ireland’s fight for independence from England. This place is full of history and the guide we had was amazing at sharing it. Definitely book in advance.

St. Stephen’s Green/ Grafton Street - When you need a break from all the buildings St. Stephen’s Green is the perfect oasis in the middle of the city. Right off Grafton Street (the main shopping area) this park is lush and scerene. 

Temple Bar - If you’re looking to go out in Dublin look no further than Temple Bar. Rather than just one bar, it’s a whole area full of pubs and usually has a bit of buzz on the streets as well. 

Trinity College - 

Dublin Doors - One of my favorite parts about Dublin are the colorful doors. For a city that gets so much rain, it could be quite dreery. On the contrary, most of the doors around Dublin are painted bright pink, blue, red, yellow… An array of the rainbow. It’s fun to walk around and check out all the colorful doorways.

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