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Introducing the Map Collection!

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Six vibrant illustrated map prints inspired by some of the countries I love most. So when you're home from a long day at work and want an escape to the beaches of Brazil or to a castle on the cliffs of Ireland let a LTC map take you there! They also make a great gift for your travel obsessed friends! :)
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Let me know what location you would like to see illustrated next. Send me an email to with your favorite travel destination. 

Workshop with Andy Evansen

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Since I travel so much I’ve been wanting to do more landscape and plein air paintings however I had always struggled with them. I’m always interested in trying new styles and techniques and one of my favorite ways to do that is through classes and workshops. Last Fall I flew to Minnesota for a workshop with Andy Evansen.  Andy is one of my favorite watercolor painters and I really love the way he captures light and the essence of a location. 

It was a week long workshop in Andy’s studio in Hastings, Minnesota. We worked off of pictures we brought and most of mine were from my travel to South America. Here are a few of my favorites - 

You can find out more about Andy HERE!

the Dish Illustration

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I recently worked with bon appétit management company to create an illustration for the remodel of the Dish, the cafe at the Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle. They wanted me to create an illustration that would be printed on sheet metal and featured at the entrance of the cafe. The illustration I created for them is a sassy vintage inspired woman about to cook a fabulous dish (see what I did there!). The colors of her dress and apron go perfectly with the colors of the cafe and the bowl she’s holding is inspired by one of the beautiful bowls hanging in the cafe. Because it was being printed on sheet metal I had to vectorize the painting which slightly changed it but also made it pop way more.
Visit the Services page to see how Lauren can illustrate your world and bring your vision to life.

Fruit Ladies of Cartagena

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I’ve mentioned in multiple blog posts previously how amazing the fruit was in Colombia. Seriously, I miss it. And the sugarcane juice, and the coconut lemonade…. mmmm… ok I digress. Walking around the colorful streets of Cartagena it’s hard to miss the equally colorful fruit ladies. The women in color blocked mumus walked around carrying fruit baskets on their heads selling mangos, coconuts, and pineapple to tourists and locals in the historic quarter of the city. The people in Cartagena, and really all over Colombia, are really friendly and happy. Despite Colombia’s history of violence and corruption, the people are positive and love to celebrate. This painting is exactly how I remember Cartagena - colorful, full of fruit and joyful! 

Chattam & Wells

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Last winter I had the pleasure of creating six illustrations for Pleasant Mattress' newly relaunched luxury mattress line Chattam & Wells. I created two tryptic paintings, both inspired by the lifestyle of the Chattam & Wells customer. 

Two of the illustrations were hung above the mattress line at the Las Vegas Market in January. A variation of all of the paintings hang above the mattresses at the various retailer’s showrooms.

Read more about our collaboration HERE