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LTC Gift Guide: Diver

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1. Shark Giclee Print // 2. Regulator // 3. Wetsuit // 4. Wading Giclee Print // 5. Mermaid Earrings // 6. "This is not a plastic bag" Tote // 7. Swimsuit // 8. Wet bag // 9. Octopus Giclee Print // 10. Adopt a Shark // 11. BCD // 12. GoPro Hero 5

Diving is one of my biggest passions! Breathing underwater is exhilarating and the colors and creatures below the water are incredible. I've had some of my favorite adventures underwater or on a dive trip. I spent a week with my best friend on a live aboard in Belize. I completed my Divemaster course in Tenerife and saw a rays, loads of Cuttlefish and even a Mola Mola. The majority of our planet is covered in water and I intend to explore it! So this gift guide is dedicated to those who intend to explore it with me. Whether you're above or below the sea, there's a gift for you. I love this new Girls That Scuba tote and that part of the proceeds go to Plastic Ocean. Also, I am obsessed with sharks and my best friend is too. The fact that I can adopt one in her name is absolutely amazing! What are you wishing for for Christmas? 


Happy Halloween!

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I love Halloween! Well really I love any excuse to celebrate and dress up. It's such a fun way to be creative and dress up as something silly or wear something you never would any other time of the year. These are a few of my favorite costumes I've worn over the past couple of years. I was Honey Rider back when I lived in Hawaii and it was warm enough to wear a bikini to a block party. Daenerys Targaryen because, well Game of Thrones duh. I dressed up as Carmen Sandiego right before heading to South America. You can say I really had the travel bug. And last year I was a shark. I was in Turks and Caicos and I'm obsessed with sharks. It was probably my favorite costume to date and the one I've gotten the most compliments on, proving funny always trumps sexy!

Inspired: Ocean Ramsey

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Who is she: Ocean Ramsey is a scuba instructor, free diver, model and most notably a shark conservationist. She became well known when a video of her swimming with white sharks went viral.

What makes her inspiring: Sharks play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem and are being over-fished to the point of extinction. She hopes that by sharing her experiences with sharks, she might inspire others to take action and help protect these amazing creatures before it’s too late. She believes that in capturing and exhibiting images of sharks and humans interacting peacefully and intimately she can help change the way people think about sharks. 

As a scuba diver and shark enthusiast myself, I’m so inspired by her efforts and for giving these misunderstood creatures a voice. Every interaction I’ve had with a shark has been magical. They look at you with such curiosity and intrigue and getting up and close with them it’s obvious they aren’t mindless killers like the movies and media portray them to be. I think what Ocean Ramsey is doing is so important and the way she’s educating people and taking action is a true inspiration.

Find out more:
Watch her TED Talk Here

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