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Inspired: Ashley Longshore

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Who is she: Ashley Longshore is a hilarious and talented pop artist.

What makes her inspiring: If you don’t follow Ashley Longshore on Instagram, you should. She is a successful pop artist who draws inspiration from fashion, icons and greed. She churns out painting after painting that are bedazzled with beautiful crystals and have cheeky phrases and characters such as Gucci Jesus. Her work is beautiful and she has a long list of celebrity clients and incredible collaborations. Not only is her work over the top, but Ashley is a character herself constantly wearing oversized jewelry and sunglasses and says fuck a lot. 
Ashley is hilarious and really inspiring to follow. Not only does she post her amazing work but she constantly posts motivational and inspirational quotes along with her own positive thoughts. In a recent post she wrote “I hope that today you say fuck it, and make the decision to live the life you have always wanted.. it is not the easy way, but it IS the better way… live a fulfilled life chasing your dream not someone elses. Your time is precious. I love you!” 
She also encourages artists to skip the galleries and promote themselves and for art enthusiasts to purchase art directly from the artist (since galleries typically take anywhere from 50% - 70% commission). She’s making waves in the art industry and doing it her own way and encouraging other artists to do the same.

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the Dish Illustration

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I recently worked with bon appétit management company to create an illustration for the remodel of the Dish, the cafe at the Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle. They wanted me to create an illustration that would be printed on sheet metal and featured at the entrance of the cafe. The illustration I created for them is a sassy vintage inspired woman about to cook a fabulous dish (see what I did there!). The colors of her dress and apron go perfectly with the colors of the cafe and the bowl she’s holding is inspired by one of the beautiful bowls hanging in the cafe. Because it was being printed on sheet metal I had to vectorize the painting which slightly changed it but also made it pop way more.
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Chattam & Wells

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Last winter I had the pleasure of creating six illustrations for Pleasant Mattress' newly relaunched luxury mattress line Chattam & Wells. I created two tryptic paintings, both inspired by the lifestyle of the Chattam & Wells customer. 

Two of the illustrations were hung above the mattress line at the Las Vegas Market in January. A variation of all of the paintings hang above the mattresses at the various retailer’s showrooms.

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Ittsē: The Jet Set Collection

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I’m so excited to share The Jet Set Collection, the makeup palette I curated for Ittsē.

I’m a pretty laid back person and don't do my makeup every day. However, when I do decide to do my makeup I love having fun with it. As an artist I view makeup as another way to be creative and love how different colors or applications can give you different looks. This palette was curated to give you variety, to take your look from a day of exploring to a night out with friends. 

I used one of my favorite cities, San Francisco, as the inspiration for the colors. The soft pastel colors of Pacific Heights, the golden sand color of the Palace of Fine Arts and the dark tones from the bay. Like the city, this palette is full of color and diversity.

Ittse palettes are fantastic because they are so easy to travel with and are so versatile. If you fall in love with or overuse one color, it's easy to replace without having to get a whole new palette. I included the bronzer and blush in the palette to make the palette even more travel friendly. You only need to add concealer, mascara and lipgloss to round out your cosmetics bag. And living out of a suitcase, I can tell you it's awesome!

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The Portrait Series

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I'm excited to announce that my new collection The Portrait Series is now available! 40+ original paintings along with Giclee prints and a few new phone cases are all up at

This collection is from the #100DaysofPortraits series I did on Instagram as part of #The100DayProject.  

To read more about what inspired this collection and to see the rest of the paintings that didn't make the cut, click


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