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Pop Up in Charleston

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I absolutely love Charleston, SC! The history, colorful buildings, friendly people... it's such an amazing a beautiful city! Now that much of my family has settled there, I love visiting as often as I can. On a recent trip, I partnered up with the most adorable local shop, Mac & Murphy for a pop up of original artwork and prints! 

Mac & Murphy is a beautiful paper store that has lovely cards, prints, stationary and accessories and the owner Liz and her team made me feel right at home as soon as I walked through the door. The pop up was a one night affair with some of my best selling artwork, bubbles and great fun. I absolutely loved live painting and talking to people who braved the rain to make it down. For the event, I created a new piece of artwork, Charleston Doors and had the framed original available along with prints of the new painting (now available in my online print shop). This painting is obviously inspired by the colorful doors around Charleston and I wanted something extra special and local for the pop up. I hope to have another pop up soon and am excited to meet more of you in person! 

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LTC Gift Guide: Traveler

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1. Capri Print // 2. Voyage Phone Case // 3. Globe-Trotter Case // 4. Jetset Candy Charm // 5. Silk Eye Mask // 6. Seven Wonders Masks // 7. My Bucket List Journal // 8. Airplane Necklace // 9. Ireland Map Print // 10. Jewelry Case // 11. Pink World Map Print

This gift guide is dedicated to the travel obsessed! Those who are in love with anything and everything to do with travel. Gifts that are perfect for the person on the go - the phone case, jewelry case and masks! Or the person who's just back from somewhere fab/dreams of going somewhere fab - travel inspired artwork, a luggage tag charm, and a bucket list journal. As an avid traveler I would love everything on this list! 

XO, Lauren

the Dish Illustration

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I recently worked with bon appétit management company to create an illustration for the remodel of the Dish, the cafe at the Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle. They wanted me to create an illustration that would be printed on sheet metal and featured at the entrance of the cafe. The illustration I created for them is a sassy vintage inspired woman about to cook a fabulous dish (see what I did there!). The colors of her dress and apron go perfectly with the colors of the cafe and the bowl she’s holding is inspired by one of the beautiful bowls hanging in the cafe. Because it was being printed on sheet metal I had to vectorize the painting which slightly changed it but also made it pop way more.
Visit the Services page to see how Lauren can illustrate your world and bring your vision to life.

Fruit Ladies of Cartagena

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I’ve mentioned in multiple blog posts previously how amazing the fruit was in Colombia. Seriously, I miss it. And the sugarcane juice, and the coconut lemonade…. mmmm… ok I digress. Walking around the colorful streets of Cartagena it’s hard to miss the equally colorful fruit ladies. The women in color blocked mumus walked around carrying fruit baskets on their heads selling mangos, coconuts, and pineapple to tourists and locals in the historic quarter of the city. The people in Cartagena, and really all over Colombia, are really friendly and happy. Despite Colombia’s history of violence and corruption, the people are positive and love to celebrate. This painting is exactly how I remember Cartagena - colorful, full of fruit and joyful! 


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2015 was full of change, love and adventure. I kicked the year off by buying a one way ticket to Argentina and left in March.  I traveled all over South America and met my boyfriend on the way. I got to explore Peru with my family and had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients on some of my favorite projects to date and even got featured on Career Contessa! I am so excited for what this new year has in store and already have some big plans and new destinations. 
I’m a big believer in writing your goals down and sharing them with others.  When you put your goals out to the universe they seem to manifest. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s worked for me so far! :) Also, sharing your goals and telling other people what you have planned and would like to accomplish helps hold you accountable. So I’ve decided to share my professional and personal goals for 2016 with you here. I hope you help hold me to them!

Professional Goals:

Blend my love for art and travel - My two greatest passions in life are art and travel, however they aren’t necessarily connected. My art is mostly people and fashion inspired and doesn’t really reflect my travels and I haven’t done much traveling for art sake. This year I would like to change that and figure out a way to merge the two. I’m not sure what this will look like so stay tuned for lots of experimenting!

Work a live-illustration event - I would love to meet all of you and paint you in person! What a better way to do that than to team up with one of my favorite brands or companies for a live-illustration event?! 

See my work in print - This year one of my goals is to collaborate with and illustrate for more brands, companies and magazines. This might be a long shot but I would love to see one of my illustrations featured in a major publication this year. A girl can dream right?!

Wholesale my prints and offer more products - Last year I began selling phone cases featuring my artwork, and this year I’m eager to see my artwork on more products. I already have a few projects in the works for the new year that I’m so excited about sharing with you! I’m also looking forward to teaming up with a few shops and boutiques and have my prints available in store! If you’re a online or brick and mortar store interested in carrying Lauren Taylor Creates prints email me at

Personal Goals:

Run a Triathlon - I’ve swam 1.6 miles in an open ocean race, biked 40 miles down Death Road in Bolivia, however I can’t run a mile.  This year I’m whooping my booty into shape and pushing my physical limits. I’ve signed up for the Tritonman Triathlon in San Diego in February. I’ll be doing the race with my best friend who is a personal trainer in Chicago. While I can’t train with her in person since we are in different states she has put together a workout routine to get me ready!

Dive Master Certification - I got Open Water certified about three years ago while living in Hawaii and absolutely fell in love with diving. I immediately continued my education and got Advanced and the Rescue certified.  While I don’t plan on becoming a scuba Instructor or working as a Divemaster, I think it would be an amazing experience and excuse to log a ton of dives. 

Learn Photoshop - This one is a mix of professional and personal goal. I’m proficient in Photoshop and I’m able to do basic editing however anything beyond that totally confuses me. If any of you have any recommendations on how to learn (online class, workshop, etc.) I would love to hear from you!

That is what I’m working on! What are your goals for this year?