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Inspired: The Suitcase Entrepreneur

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Who is she: Natalie Sission aka The Suitcase Entrepreneur

What makes her inspiring: I have been listening to Natalie’s podcast and following her blog for a few years now. Natalie left her home country of New Zealand in 2006 and has been traveling full time since 2008. She has built a multiple six figure business while globetrotting and helps people build businesses that give them more freedom in their lives. Whether that’s as a digital nomad or to spend more time with family, she’s all about building your life in a way that gives you the freedom to live how you want. 
Everything you want to do has been done before so why not learn from someone who’s already done it? In her podcast she interviews business people and entrepreneurs to give her community of “freedom fighters” insight into the tools and tricks they use to run their businesses successfully. Listening to her podcast helped me take the plunge to head to South America and illustrate full time. She helped me realize that there’s no “right time” and how important it is to start before you’re ready. If you want more freedom or more adventure in your life be sure to check her out!

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Travel Journal: White Water Rafting in San Gil

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Dubbed the adventure capital of Colombia, San Gil is the place to go if you want an adrenaline rush. From white water rafting to hang gliding, this town has it all. We woke up early the morning of James’ birthday and met up with everyone who would be rafting with us. After a 30 minute drive, we parked and carried the rafts down to the river and got briefed on what to expect. The only time I’d been rafting previously was down a lazy river, so this was my first experience in class 5 rapids.

After doing a few drills on how to row and climb back into the raft we set off down the river. It was such an adrenaline rush navigating through the rocks and rapids. At one point we were pushed up against a massive rock and nearly tipped over. Our guide Ariel wasn't exactly the calm confident leader you would want for a situation like that, however were able to make it around at the last minute. 

About halfway down the river we stopped and had a snack break of fresh pineapple and watermelon. (Colombia has the best fruit!) On we continued working as a unit to make our way down the river.

Since it was James’ birthday Ariel had him sit at the very front and hang on for his life while we went through a few of the rapids. Holding onto a rope as if he was riding a bull, James was thrilled and made it through without falling off.

When it was a bit calmer we all jumped and did flips off the raft into the river and swam and floated down the river on our backs. Upon finishing we enjoyed a massive lunch and beer by the river celebrating James and the amazing day we had. White water rafting in San Gil was one of the highlights of our time in Colombia!

Argentine, Chile & Bolivia

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It's bittersweet for me to announce I am leaving Buenos Aires, Argentina to continue my journey around South America. I've had an amazing two months here and made some lifelong friends, but I'm also really excited to explore more of this beautiful continent.  Two of my friends from the United States arrived here in BsAs a few days ago and we are traveling together for the next three weeks through Mendoza, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Valparaiso, Chile; La Paz, Bolivia & Uyuni, Bolivia.  I'm so so excited for this adventure and can't wait to share more with you! After the next three weeks I'll be heading to Cartagena, Colombia for an undetermined amount of time, so if you have any recommendations for Colombia I would love to hear them!