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A few months ago I joined #The100DayProject, an annual challenge that encourages you to create something for 100 consecutive days.  I was in a creative rut and thought the challenge was the perfect way to break through it as well as push my artwork to new limits.  I love painting people so I decided my project would be 100 days of portraits.  

Projects like this are always easy in the beginning but as time wore on and as I was moving around and traveling the project got hard to keep up with.  I don't paint every day. I try to, but some days I don't have time or just don't feel inspired.  I broke down and didn't finish the project in 100 consecutive days.  At one point I went a few days without posting a painting and wondered if I should even bother finishing.  I was posting my progress on Instagram, but would anyone really notice if I stopped? Would they care? 

Then I realized that Instagram was only a tool I was using to keep track of what I was creating.  I wasn't doing this for anyone else - I did it for me.  I did this project to improve and test my creative limits. Who cares if I didn't complete it in 100 days, I was going to complete 100 paintings.

After that the paintings came flowing out of me. I still missed a day here or there, but it was never in my mind again to not finish.  

I now have a new collection of portrait paintings and loved playing around with different styles and techniques.  

Here are a few of my favorite illustrations from the project! To see all 100 paintings, click



And stay tuned because many of them will soon be available for purchase as originals, prints and phone cases!

To learn more about #The100DayProject and The Great Discontent click