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LTC Gift Guide: Photographer

Lauren EngelComment
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A few years ago I got really into photography. I bought an entry level Nikon DSLR and became obsessed with learning how to use it and learning about aperture and shutter speed. Then as my art business grew I picked up my camera less and less until I barely used it at all. It started to feel bulky and I was drawn to using my iPhone to take photos out of convenience. Recently I've been using my Nikon again and I'm reminded why I loved it years ago. While it's not the most professional camera, it takes beautiful bokeh shots and gorgeous portraits. When I am out somewhere and see something I know I want to paint but don't have my supplies with me, it's nice to have a good camera to capture the image to paint it in my studio later. Or even just to keep the beautiful photo and be reminded of the moment. So whether you're an iPhone photographer or a Leica photographer, this gift guide is for you! I included a few fun gifts for the camera obsessed like my Pink Camera Series phone case and this adorable camera necklace; to more practical gifts like the backup hard drive and the Adobe Cloud Photography Plan. Let me know which gift is your favorite and what you're hoping to receive this Christmas?