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Inspired: Carissa Moore

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Who is she: Carissa Moore is three time world champion pro surfer

What makes her inspiring: I had the privilege of meeting Carissa back in 2011 after she won her first ASP Women’s World Tour Championship. At the time I was a news producer in Hawaii and we featured her on our morning show. At the age of 18 she was making major waves in the sport and has continued to push the industry since. Not only is she an accomplished athlete but she has used her platform to talk about important issues such as body image and women in athletics. Even being the best woman surfer in the world and one of the best surfers in the world, she’s criticized about her body. By talking about it she’s able to point out how ridiculous it is that society cares more about what women look like then what they accomplish. She promotes the importance of loving yourself and she’s kicking ass in a male dominated sport.

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