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After a little blogging hiatus I'm back! I'm so excited to share stories from my recent travels around Colombia!  I've spent three and a half months traveling around Colombia and it has become one of my favorite countries I've ever been to.  The people are so friendly, the scenery is amazing and the juice! Oh, the fruit and the juice! I mean, coconut lemonade?!  

One of the beautiful things about travel is you never know who you'll meet along the way! I met my now boyfriend (an Irishman) in Chile back in May.  We instantly hit it off but after just a few days went our separate ways. We kept in touch, met back up and have spent the past two months traveling all over Colombia together.  We started in Santa Marta and ended here, where I currently am, in San Andres Island. In just a few days I'm heading up to the United States for a while.  I'm sad to leave this country, but know I'll be back again (just after I go to Ireland!)

Stay tuned for more stories from South America!